🕌Verulam Mosque Attack:💥 Bomb-Like Device🔎 Found at the Scene

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Image Credits: The South African

Last week’s Verulam mosque attack in Durban sent shockwaves across the country. But it now seems like the tragedy could have been much, much worse.

Three worshippers at the religious sanctuary had their throats slit by an as-yet-unknown group of men. One of the victims – Abbas Essop – succumbed to his injuries and passed away on Thursday.

Hawks admitted that the incident has “elements of extremism” to it, but haven’t yet identified it as a terrorist attack. However, local Imam Ali Nchinyane is certain that they acted on “religious motives only“.

There were high tensions at Verulam on Sunday night, too. Reaction Unit South Africa (Rusa) confirmed that a “device resembling a bomb” has been found in the mosque, prompting the arrival of the Bomb Disposal Squad and SAPS Explosive Units.

Rusa shared the following news on their Facebook account:

“Members of Reaction Unit South Africa have evacuated several residences in the Ottawa area in KZN and cleared the Imam Husain Mosque in Verulam after a device resembling a bomb has been found inside the building.”

“The device connected to a Nokia mobile phone was found under the Moulanas chair. It was moved by a worshipper.”

Know more: http://v.duta.us/8p2IaQAA

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