Congress trying to grab power even after facing rejection: Yeddyurappa

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BJP's chief minister candidate BS Yeddyurappa slammed the Congress on Tuesday for trying to grab power after being rejected by the people of Karnataka. "The people have rejected the Congress and accepted BJP. People are moving towards 'Congress-mukt Karnataka'. Now they're trying to grab power despite facing rejection," he said at a press conference.

As Karnataka appeared headed for a hung Assembly with the BJP set to emerge as the single largest party but falling short of a majority, the Congress sprang a surprise, declaring it will back the also-ran JD(S) in forming the government. Yeddyurappa disparaged this move by the Congress as "back-door politics" and accused the party of disrespecting the mandate of the people, which was in the BJP's favour.

"Congress is trying to subvert the mandate through dubious means. This kind of back-door politics by the Congress should be condemned," he said.

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