Heavy ☔Rainfall Caused Solai Dam Burst, Patel Says, Promises Help

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The bursting of Patel Dam in Nakuru points to heavy rainfall in Dundori Forest, chairman Mansukh Patel has said. Patel is the owner of the dam whose raging waters swept through a village, leaving at least 47 people dead. In a statement on Tuesday, the farmer explained further that the rains eroded the soil. "With high pressure, water accompanied by dead stumps, logs and big boulders hit the wall of the dam causing a huge gush of water into the farm and outlying settlements," he said.

Patel said they were working round the clock to help affected families. "We stand united with our community in Solai wholeheartedly. We appreciate the grace with which the government and non-governmental organisations have handled the situation," he said. Patel further said he will work with the government to rebuild what has been lost and restore normalcy in the community. Last week, the water authority said the was built illegally.

The dam is one of a number on a sprawling farm near Solai. None of them had a permit, a Water Resources Management Authority (Warma) spokesman said, but Patel denied any wrongdoing. An investigation into the tragedy has been announced, with a report into "cause and culpability" requested by DPP Noordin Haji within two weeks.

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