KCC 👎Dismisses Claims on Unhygienic 🥛Milk Packaging 📦Environment

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The New Kenya Co-operative Creameries has refuted claims that repackaging of milk is done in an unhealthy environment. This comes after a photo was shared online purporting to be KCC processing factory. The tweet shared by controversial blogger had a caption on it stating how unhygienic the milk repackaging is at KCC. The company added that all the new KCC processing facilities are certified for both local and international standards for food safety and management system.

“Hi Nyakundi, I work at KCC and those are images of how milk is repackaged in a very unhealthy environment. I personally work there but I ceased from taking any processed milk because of how unhygienic they are,”read the tweet. However, through a statement, KCC termed the information in the tweet was malicious and unequivocally false.

The management said that the milk captured in the image are isolated products with physical defects being sorted for write off in an area specifically designed for this process. “We find it regrettable that such information meant to cause undue and unnecessary panic among our esteemed customers and the public at large is being circulated,” read the statement.

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