Man Hacks 🤰🏿Pregnant Wife & Child to 💐Death, Attempts to Commit 😵Suicide

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Residents of Ng’ondu village in Njoro, Nakuru County, are in shock after a man hacked his pregnant wife and child to death before attempting to commit suicide. The suspect, a casual labourer, is suspected to have sliced his pregnant wife's throat and that of an eight-month-old baby following suspected marital disagreements.

The suspect did not die in yesterday's early morning incident but sustained serious injuries. He is admitted to Rift Valley Provincial Hospital. According to his neighbours, the suspect had been having constant quarrels with his wife. Wanjiku said the evening before the incident, the suspect's wife, who was her friend, had told her she wanted to move out of the abusive relationship following death threats from her husband.

The suspect is believed to have attacked his wife and child who had deep wounds on their heads and bodies with a hoe and a knife before attempting to kill himself. “The child died while strapped on her mother's back, a clear indication that she wanted to escape when the attack happened,” said Wanjiku. Njoro OCPD Charity Dorcas said the couple had a history of feuds that may have escalated, leading to the killings.

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