Nissan🚗 To Gradually Withdraw⛽ Diesel Option In🤔 Europe

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Nissan has emerged as the latest Japanese car manufacturer to announce its plans to stop selling diesel cars in Europe. Rising environmental concerns, rising taxes and stricter emission norms for diesel cars has shown considerable effect on these cars in the global market. This has prompted the company to focus on electrified vehicles in the form of electric, hybrids and fuel-cell powered vehicles.

Nissan will stop selling its diesel vehicles across Europe over the next few years in a phased manner. Speaking on the occasion, the Nissan spokeswoman said to media, “Along with other manufacturers and industry bodies we can see the progressive decline of diesel but we do not anticipate its sudden end in the short-term.

At this point in time and for many customers, modern diesel engines will remain in demand and continue to be available within Nissan's powertrain offering. In Europe, where our diesel sales are concentrated, our electrification push will allow us to discontinue diesel gradually from passenger cars at the time of each vehicle renewal”

Nissan Leaf, one of the most popular electric cars of all times was first introduced for the mass market in 2010. This also means that the car manufacturer is not new to the electric technology and it is only a matter of time before they further expand their electric lineup for the global markets.

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