Phoenix🌏 Point Delayed😏 To 2019📹

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Phoenix Point is Julian Gollop's crowdsourced X-Com spiritual successor that we thought might sneak out in the latter half of this year. A new backer update reveals the turn-based strategy affair has grown in size and stature since inception—so much so that "in order to realise this potential", its target launch date has been pushed to June 2019.

Citing the "long term interests" of Phoenix Point as the main reason for the delay, Gollop follows up in this blog post. There he says: "I believe we can create a game with high production values that will make a huge splash on launch. In order to achieve this we need to continue to expand the team and maintain our focus on quality.

"To be honest, this has been a slower process than I wanted, but I felt that we needed the best talent that we could find. I am glad to say that we now have 35 great developers in our Sofia studio, and as a consequence of our recent, excellent exposure we are attracting offers of help from game developers around the world."

Gollop then thanks the game's backers on behalf of Snapshot Games in its entirety, and hopes that prospective players support their decision.

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