Spigen announces 🔉 special edition iPhone X 📱 cases echoing iMac G3 and original iPhone design

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Spigen has launched a series of new cases on Indiegogo for the iPhone X. As a celebration of Spigen’s tenth birthday, these cases are inspired by the design cues of the original iMac with its translucent windows as well as a throwback to the original iPhone’s aluminium metal and plastic design.

Only for iPhone X, the iMac variants come in five different color choices including the traditional bondi blue, red, grey, silver and green. The backs of the cases include raised outline of the iPhone X’s internals. They also have some cute references to the iconic ‘hello’ message on the insides.

The inside of the iMac-lookalike cases feature some nice embossed details. There is the iconic ‘hello’ handwritten text synonymous with the original Mac from 1984, with the (again) reference to denote the iMac G3 era. Obviously, these elements can’t be seen with a phone is fitted to the case but it’s nice that they are included.

The cases are plasticky and quite bulky, it works out to be slightly thicker than an iPhone X fitted with the Apple leather case. The main difference is weight; these plastic cases are not light by any means. The innards help protect the case from drops. In a rather cute way, the bottom section can be snapped on and off almost like the I/O drawer from the original iMac.

For a limited time, early buyers on Indiegogo can snag a case for just $18. You can order them now exclusively from Spigen’s Indiegogo campaign at $35 each, with an estimated June delivery.

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