Tension in Gaza as Palestinians begin to bury 58 dead

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Funerals are being held in Gaza for 58 people killed on Monday when Israeli troops opened fire during Palestinian protests, in the deadliest day of violence there since a war in 2014. The burials coincide with the 70th anniversary of what Palestinians call the Nakba - a mass displacement of Palestinians after Israel's creation. Israel's military said it was preparing for further confrontations on Tuesday. But Palestinian groups indicated they intended to rein in the protests.

Israel's actions were condemned or criticised by the UK, France, Germany, Turkey, Lebanon and other nations. Israel was defended by its key ally, the US. President Donald Trump and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo chose not to address the deadly violence in Gaza.

Germany said Israel had the right to defend itself but should do so proportionately. Turkey said the US shared responsibility with Israel for a "vile massacre" and recalled its ambassadors from both countries. South Africa also recalled its Israeli ambassador.

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