We’re 🙏Sorry, Olive Restaurant 😎Boss Tells Mums on 🤱Breastfeeding Rights

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The manager of Olive Restaurant in Nairobi has apologised for 'shaming' a woman who did not cover herself while breastfeeding her child. Moses Wambua issued the apology on Tuesday after a group of women marched to the restaurant in protest. The establishment remained closed but there were people inside as the women demonstrated outside.

Wambua said they "don't care" about women covering up while breastfeeding as even they went through this process. "They can even change their babies in the boss' office. We don't care. We are very sorry if this [the shaming] happened ... we did not know ... we learned about it on social media," he said. "We love women ... many of our customers are women ... we must welcome women ... this is business ... we want money ..."

The manager said they did not have CCTV footage to back the complainant's claims. He said those who were aggrieved should have reported the matter to them for proper solutions. Wambua claimed nobody stepped forward to complain about the matter so they were not sure it happened.

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