Derek O’Brien’s 💬Statements on WB 💥Violence Infuriates Many

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Many Twitter users slammed senior Trinamool Congress leader Derek O'Brein for his insensitive comments on violence that prevailed across West Bengal during panchayat elections today. The TMC lawmaker, in his tweet, implied deaths during CPI (M) rule were more than now, inviting Twitter users' ire. Reportedly, six were killed, and over 20 injured, in clashes reported across the state.

O'Brein wrote: "To all 'newborn' experts on Bengal Panchayat Elections in State have a history. 400 killed in poll violence in 1990s in CPIM rule. 2003: 40 dead. Every death is a tragedy. Now closer to normal than earlier times.Yes, few dozen incidents. Say, 40 out of 58000 booths. What's (the) percentage ?"

Twitter users schooled him on compassion. A user by the handle @delhi_lawyer wrote, "Every life matters, Mr bournvita." Another user Kanchan Srivastava wrote, "These 40 lives do matter, Sir. Didn't expect an "expert" like you to normalise the murders." "Kids, let's get one thing straight - under NO circumstances "but we killed less people" can be used to justify ANYTHING," wrote Karnika Kohli.

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