2019 KTM Enduro Range Unveiled🎉

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KTM has upgraded its line-up of enduro two-stroke bikes for 2019, with updates to the engine, transmission and suspension. Last year, KTM's two-stroke enduro range of motorcycles were introduced with fuel injection and for 2019, the range gets even better, across the 2019 EXC-F and XC-W enduro models. The changes include updates to the suspension, battery, seat cover and appearance for 2019. The KTM 150 XC-W has the most number of updates, including a new cylinder that comes with a new power valve designed to increase high rpm performance, as well as a machined exhaust port. The 150 XC-W also gets an updated six-speed transmission for better shifting and increased reliability.

KTM introduced the transfer port injected (TPI) two-strokes last year and both the 250 XC-W TPI and 300 XC-W TPI remain largely unchanged for 2019 except for the suspension, battery and seat cover changes. Both TPI bikes feature an optional map switch that allows for the selection of an alternate map that provides a smoother power delivery.

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