‘Khupe Vindicated💫 by Lack Of Depth🤐 in Chamisa’s Leadership 🔊Qualities’

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Image Credits: Pindula News

In an interview with The Chronicle, Thokozani Khupe’s spokesperson Mr Witness Dube said MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa’s lack of depth in leadership qualities is vindicating his boss.

Said Dube:

"In fact she is being vindicated by lack of depth in Chamisa’s leadership qualities. The young man is definitely out of depth. We should have subjected the issue of leadership to the collective wisdom of the people. Nonetheless we moved on with our congress and elected the MDC-T leadership that the people want. Anyone else who wants to continue with Chamisa’s child’s play can do so, it’s their choice. But when real issues are decided they will come to the real MDC-T house for real resolution."

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