Magistrate🔨 Orders 17-Year Old👦 Minor to Pay Maintenance😢

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Image Credits: Pindula News

Mutare Magistrate Nyasha Kuture ordered a 17-year-old minor who cannot be named due to his age, to pay $30 per month in maintenance for the upkeep of his child. The minor had initially offered to pay $20 per month saying that he was unemployed. This comes after the mother of the child, Chance Choronga (18) took the boy to court saying that he was not contributing to the child’s upkeep leaving her with no other option than to approach the courts.

The minor initially told the court that he had been forced to be intimate with Choronga, by the complainant’s mother. However, he later made an about turn and told the court that he was in love with Choronga and begged her to come back home.

Said the minor,

"I love this woman your worship. I am asking her in front of the court that she returns home so that we can be a family again."

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