Mwinyi to 🛡Defend Himself on 🗓June 22 in 🍊ODM Nominations Case

  |   Kenya News

Changamwe MP Omar Mwinyi will defend himself on June 22 as he has a case to answer in an election case. Chief Magistrate Evans Makori said on Tuesday that the MP will answer to charges of assaulting two officers during ODM nominations in April last year. Mwinyi and several others were charged with injuring police officers Dennis Nambiswa and Agapio Ndwiga as they manned the vote.

The MP was acquitted on nine other charges which included interfering with election materials at Mwidani social hall, Mwijabi and Bomu Primary Schools and Al-Ishad Nursery School. He was cleared of a charge of obstructing presiding officers Ambrose Nguti, Mzee Khatibu and Joseph Mbaka from carrying out their duties at the polling stations. Mwinyi was arrested and detained at Port police station on April 22, 2017 for disrupting the party's primaries.

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