Ratify major ILO conventions to protect workers – Labour think tank urges Parliament

  |   Ghana News

Labour Think tank, Health and Safety Ghana, is calling on Parliament to as a matter of urgency ratify the major International Labour Organization (ILO) Conventions to protect the rights of workers in the country. According to the think tank, many workers are being subjected to inhumane and hazardous treatment with meagre wages, making them prone to injuries and many health conditions.

At a sensitization workshop organized for employers and some employees in Cape Coast, the group urged workers to demand better work environmental conditions rather than sacrificing their health for money.

The group explained that in any labour relationship, employers are expected to provide safety devices for their employees to enable the employees to work in safety and in comfort but sadly, while many employers overlook their responsibilities under the labour laws, employees for the sake of protecting their jobs continue to work in hazardous environments.

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