ASTRO Choose 🗣Their Personal Favorite 🎵Songs From 'All Light'

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In light of their comeback with their 1st full album 'All Light', ASTRO posed for a sporty and contemporary pictorial with 'Marie Claire' magazine!

Dressing up in casual, sporty styles combining winter wear with spring wear, ASTRO broke free from generic styles of photoshoots by attempting a series of contemporary poses and arrangements.

In their interview, Cha Eun Woo described their comeback concept as, "A European sort of 'Refreshing'... Eastern European. There's the vintage feel of Prague, and notes of classical music from Vienna. Our teasers also had these moods." Jinjin added, "Thank you for putting it in such elegant terms (Laughter)."

The members were then asked to choose their personal favorite tracks from their album! Cha Eun Woo answered, "Can I choose two? One is 'Love Wheel', which gives the feeling that we created a bridge between ASTRO and AROHA... Another one is 'Bloom', which we all made together." Moonbin also chose two and shared, "'Role Play', which gives a different feeling because only the vocal members participated, and the refreshing '1 In A Million'." Jinjin named title track "All Night", Sanha picked "Moonwalk", Rocky chose "Bloom" as well, and MJ said, "There are many songs which emphasize more sexy tones, but for those of you who miss ASTRO's 'bubbly and refreshing' image, listen to '1 In A Million'."

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