[durban] - KFC launches limited edition gravy scented candles

KFC is at it again - first, they launched a firelog that smells like fried chicken, now there's a way to make your home smell like gravy.

Talk about innovation at its best.

Right now there are just 230 candles available on a first-come-first-serve basis, the sad news is that the …

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[durban] - The swivel chair is back in full swing

Once the preserve of offices and corporate spaces, the swivel chair has now evolved into a must-have when furnishing your house.

The debutant of décor is now design-led upholstered swivel chairs for the home.

“Living spaces are changing, and furniture is changing with it. Gone are the days of the …

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[durban] - Two hijackers killed in shootout with cops, security guards

Durban - Two suspects were killed and a third was arrested following a dramatic chase and shootout on the M7 on Wednesday morning.

Marshall Security spokesperson Kyle van Reenen said that working on information received, a joint operation was conducted between the South African Police’s Crime Intelligence unit, Provincial Task …

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[durban] - LETTER: Cyclists should avoid M4 for their safety

It would be a real feather in KwaZulu-Natal’s cap if a cyclist from the province won the race.

However, the death of yet another cyclist highlights the dangers to be faced on our roads by riders.

While, as Pedal Power Association chief executive Robert Vogel argues, cyclists have every …

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[durban] - Scary new hijacking trend has Durbanites spooked

Durban - A Durban security company has warned motorists to be on high alert following a spike in hijacking across the city and a scary new trend of hijackers attempting to abduct the drivers in the hope of finding the vehicle's tracking device.

Blue Security operations director Brian Jackson said the …

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[durban] - Tourists spent R2.7bn in Durban over Christmas

Durban - Over one million tourists visited Durban during the festive season which saw an increase of 138 486 visitors compared to 2017, according to the eThekwini Municipality.

The influx of tourists had a direct impact on the economy which resulted in over 9 100 jobs being created, an increase of …

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[durban] - New hijacking trend: How to avoid becoming victim

Durban - A security company's warning to motorists to be on alert following a spike in hijackings in the city, and a new trend of hijackers attempting to abduct drivers in their vehicles may have spooked many people but there are precautions one can take.

Blue Security operations director Brian Jackson …

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