UBER Driver🚘 Gives SUPER JUNIOR Donghae His💵 Wallet Back After Losing It in Chile🇨🇱

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After wrapping up the SM TOWN concert in Chile and having fun with fellow members and fans, SUPER JUNIOR member Donghae expressed in an Instagram post to fans:

"On my last day in Chile, while I was ubering back with Eunhyuk and Siwon I left my wallet in the car. I tried getting it back but I guess I lost it? Nonetheless, I had a great time with you guys and as long as I am going back with the memory I feel grateful. If you guys find my wallet give it to me when I am back next time! ^^"

Fans expressed great concerned and took to their own hands to contact UBER. They then found out that the UBER Driver had actually returned the wallet back to the staff, after hearing this before leaving the airport, Donghae was grateful to the honest driver, who confessed that he had given the wallet back right away after looking for the ID inside it.

"I wouldn't keep something that is not mine"- the driver assured the fans on the Instagram post's comments.

Know more-http://v.duta.us/5YlkOAAA

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