On Deepika Padukone's 👨🏻‍🏫 School Teachers' Remarks, Ranveer Singh's Priceless Additions 😆

  |   Deepika Padukone

Even Deepika Padukone is surprised to learn she used to "day dream" in class as a kid!

The 33-year-old actress appeared to be in a throwback kinda mood in the wee hours of Tuesday and shared glimpses of her school report card on Instagram. Deepika hand-picked a few of the remarks shared by her school teachers about her for three Instagram posts, each of which has also been reviewed by Ranveer Singh.

"Deepika is very talkative in class!" read a teacher's remark in her first post, on which Ranveer teased her as "troublemaker." Aww.

In another photo of Deepika's teacher's remarks, it says "Deepika must learn to follow instructions". LOL. And Ranveer had this to say: "Yes, teacher. I agree."

In another post, the report card reads: "Deepika tends to day dream" and Ranveer made this priceless addition: "Head in the clouds."

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