Pokemon GO: Mewtwo Base Capture Raid💫 Just Got a Great Change

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Thanks to recent events, Pokemon GO players had the chance to encounter the super popular Legendary creature Mewtwo in level 5 raids recently, but the Psychic-type is getting ready to disappear back to the invite only world of EX Raids. Although that is sad news, a game master file update did confirm that Mewtwo will once again have a much more favorable base capture rate in the EX Raid category.

While Mewtwo was available as a level 5 boss in Pokemon GO, players had to deal with the pretty savage 2% base capture rate. That isn't far off from the standard level 5 BCR, but it's definitely a change of pace for players who are used to encountering Mewtwo with the much kinder EX Raid BCR. Luckily, a new game master file update confirms that Mewtwo's base capture raid has already been increased in preparation for its next EX appearance.

The game master update shows that Mewtwo's BCR has changed from 2% (level 5 raid) to 6% (EX specific raid). Mewtwo is currently available in EX Raids through November 12, 2019. This is great news for players who want to expand their PvE roster with a few new copies of Shadow Ball Mewtwo.

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