Man Who Reportedly Bought 👮Police Helmets Holds Meeting With Police👀

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Mitchel Chibwe, a man who reportedly bought the recently discovered the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) helmets has allegedly finished a meeting with the police.

Reports suggest that the police on Monday 14 October had seized opposition MDC Headquarters, Morgan Tsvangirai House formerly Harvest House) over the matter since the Robinson House where the helmets were discovered is within the HQ's vicinity.

Posting on Twitter, Kudzai Rangarirai a lawyer who is representing Chibwe said:

Leaving Central Police now with my client Mitchel Chibwe.We had a mtg with Law &Order team in connection with 210 police helmets found at Robinson Hse.The meeting was cordial but too long. We started at 14:30. Mr Chibwe has not been charged & is heading home now.

The 210 helmets which Chibwe is said to have bought at an auction conducted by ABC Auctioneers wanting to start a security company were discovered by the police at Robinson House on Sunday 13 October.

The discovery was made ahead of opposition MDC planned demonstrations and analysts had concluded that the government intended to use the saga to block the demonstrations.

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