F1 Gears Up😯 For Decisive Paris Meeting On 2021 Rules📜

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Several aspects of the 2021 Formula 1 regulations remain to be decided ahead of the October 31 deadline, with a key Wednesday meeting in Paris offering stakeholders the last chance to debate the subject face-to-face.

The gathering is the fourth of a series held in recent months specifically to shape the 2021 rules, with representatives of the GPDA invited to join the FIA, Liberty and teams.

Two subsidiary meetings were held at Suzuka this weekend by way of preparation. One saw team managers discuss details of sporting regulations, such as the revised curfew. The other was specifically for strategists, where the results of recent simulations of the impact of potential changes – such as Saturday qualifying races – were analysed.

The big teams have been pushing back on some of the initiatives, especially those related to standard parts.

“Some of the regulations actually just came through on my email this morning,” said McLaren boss Zak Brown on Friday. “We'll have the balance of what the future of F1 is going to look like in our hands next week, and then it should be finalised by the end of October.

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