F4sd Wants Lamola To Expedite Release Of #feesmustfall Activist Kanya Cekeshe

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Port Elizabeth - The denial of bail to #FeesMustFall activist Kanya Cekeshe, and also of an application for leave to appeal his conviction and sentence, at the Johannesburg Magistrates Court on Monday is deeply shocking, said Forum 4 Service Delivery (F4SD) in a statement.

While the magistrate acknowledged that Cekeshe was indeed tricked into a plea; that there were discrepancies in the charge sheet, and that the applicant did not have a fair trial as the previous counsel was incompetent, Cekeshe remained behind bars.

F4SD said it was committed to peaceful protest action to demonstrate against the unfairness of Cekeshe's situation and pleaded with President Cyril Ramaphosa for his immediate parole followed by a presidential pardon....

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