Gordon's Bay To Get Its First Mosque After Dismissal Of Objections

Objectors to the mosque had submitted a 52-page document citing, among other reasons, that the building "does not fit in with the character and intrinsic characteristics of a holiday town and destination place".

Gordon's Bay Islamic Society chairperson Cassim Peer yesterday said the Municipal Planning Tribunal dismissed the objection about …

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Poor Ceres Residents Strongly Oppose Installation Of Prepay Water Meters

The Witzenberg Municipality, battling water payment arrears of more than R50 million, has introduced prepay water meters. The plan has met strong opposition from residents.

Municipal manager David Nasson said accounts outstanding for more than three months totalled R56 million, at least 27% of total bad debts.

He said some …

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Pioneering Lansdowne Duo Start Free Recycling Collection Service

New Earth Projects currently services close to 1 000 homes, and the goal is to expand its green footprint even wider.

The duo collect and sell recyclable materials as well as promote recycling education and sustainable living.

Their idea started in early 2015 when Kleinhans and Cuddumbey decided they wanted …

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Angry Activists Fill Court After Alleged Rapist's Mediation Bid

The case was transferred to the Worcester Regional Court and the suspect, Luzuko Cekiso, who is out on bail, was warned not to contact Mazwayi or her family.

Mazwayi was raped nearly six months ago while on a work trip. The accused's lawyers had asked Mazwayi if she wanted to …

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