Deepika Opens Up on 🙅🏻‍♀ Not Living-in With Ranveer 👫

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Only a month is left for Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh's first wedding anniversary. The couple who had dual wedding ceremonies tied the knot at a vintage villa facing Lake Como in Italy. When asked about choosing it as the destination for the wedding, Deepika told Harper's Bazaar US, "[Finding] a place that would feel private was the top priority. And we both love the water, so to be surrounded by water was important."

She further shared that they weren't keen on having a traditional wedding. Deepika said, "There was a lot of temptation to move away from the traditional, especially for the two of us, who are constantly travelling, but it was important to me. Ranveer has always been okay with whatever. He’s always said, ‘Whatever makes you happy makes me happy.’ But for me, it’s about wanting to do everything at the right time. It’s how I saw my parents do it, so I didn’t know any other way."

When asked about not living together before marriage, Deepika replied, "If we had started living together earlier, then what would we be discovering later on? That’s what this year has been, living together and discovering each other. I like to say we made the best decision of our lives. I know people are cynical about marriage, but that hasn’t been our experience. We believe in the institution, and we’re enjoying every bit of it."

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