Chamisa Appoints Adv Thabani Mpofu To MDC 🔍Anti-Corruption Body

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President Nelson Chamisa is concerned with the deteriorating situation in the country and recognises the urgent need for the people of Zimbabwe to engage this crisis immediately. All social and economic stakeholders must plan to end this crisis. Our young people have a lot at stake and must not allow this country to implode.

Over the last few days the President has been preparing an alternative government for our country. To begin this process, he has made appointments and assigned duties to officials in the party, to ensure readiness.

Today the President is announcing two bold steps taken as part of the elaborate and carefully thought process of preparing to serve the people of Zimbabwe and make our country great. The President is doing this in preparation while the citizens consider the resolution of our national crisis.

In preparing the MDC’s task as a government the President understands that our problems emanate from the lack of integrity and accountability in our public work. The President emphasises that public officials are the human interface between the state and the citizens. He wants local governments, run by his party to be an exemplary interface that is accountable and of high integrity. President Chamisa has zero tolerance for corruption and any lack of efficacy in public officials.

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