Govt To Take Over Provision Of 🚱Water In Urban Areas - VP Mohadi

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The government is mulling plans to take over the purification and provision of water from local authorities in urban areas.

This was revealed by Vice President Kembo Mohadi while addressing a Zanu PF rally at Stanley Square in Bulawayo on Sunday.

Said Mohadi:

There is no water and the opposition is running the towns. MDC has failed to provide water so we will take over the purification of water.

They [Harare City Council] wanted to import the nine chemicals but we removed that and introduced one chemical that would purify water as effectively. We have started this process in Gweru so we will be taking over water reticulation.

Most of the urban councils are being run by the opposition MDC, with most towns and cities without access to clean running water.

The provision of water and sewage reticulation in the cities and major urban areas used to be provided by the Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA), but this was abandoned in 2009.

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