Makeup Artist Drew McHale Created a🤡 Joker Look Featuring 4⃣ Famous Versions of the Character

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It's hard enough deciding on what to dress up as for Halloween, but even if you've decided you're going as the Joker, you still have to decide which one. Joaquin Phoenix's take, the latest incarnation, is a popular choice this year if only because it's the newest with arguably the simplest makeup, but all of the other versions we've gotten to know over the last 80 years are still plenty inspiring.

Luckily, one talented makeup artist has come up with an idea that pays homage to multiple Jokers, and in a way that manages to make the character even creepier.

Known on social media as McDrew, Drew McHale posted a photo of herself on Instagram in a makeup look she calls, "Joker x 4 — highlighting some of the iconic portrayals of the joker throughout history." And her makeup tribute is just as iconic.


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