Pokemon Sword & Shield⚔ News Coming in Game Freak Livestream

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Exactly one month remains before the next generation of Pokemon games begins with the debut of Pokemon Sword and Shield. Anticipation is high, so much so that the internet has been abuzz over single Pokemon reveals like Sirfetch’d and Galarian Ponyta. The fans are hungry for any and all news that they can get, and it’s looking like more news is less than a day away.

This year, Game Freak, the studio that created the franchise, turned 30. That’s a pretty huge milestone for any studio, but especially for one that has helped shaped modern gaming culture in no small way. To celebrate the occasion, the studio will be hosting a special 30th anniversary livestream tomorrow at 7:00 AM PST.

According to the teaser announcement on its website, the stream will star studio director, composer, programmer, and founding member Junichi Masuda, who will look back on Game Freak’s decades of history and discuss how it got to where it is today. Beyond that, the livestream will reveal information on Game Freak’s upcoming projects, including its non-Pokemon titles, the RPG Little Town Hero and puzzle-platformer Giga Wrecker Alt, as well as its “Gear Project” game development system.

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