💥Rumor: Rockstar Scouting Trip May Reveal Grand Theft Auto 6⃣ Location

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Evidence and rumors of a Grand Theft Auto 6 and its details continue to mount. Most recently, comments from GTA 5's Trevor voice actor Steven Ogg suggested that the game will be Rockstar Games' next title and, further, a document detailing a scout team from Rockstar Games heading to Florida indicates the next game's location.

The Grand Theft Auto games have taken place across locations based on very iconic American cities in the past, including those based on Los Angeles and New York City. While there are plenty of locations fans would like to see covered in a Grand Theft Auto 6, an image of one piece of correspondence suggests that the series will be returning to Florida, as was the case in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Second, there's this. The source seems questionable and out of nowhere, though this kind of scouting is real. I really doubt this is legit.pic.twitter.com/Fq3nyHzOcb

Posted to Twitter by user Yan2295, the alleged correspondence from Rockstar indicates that the developer is sending out a research team to various Flordia locations "for their video games." The goal is "to tour and photograph various interesting locations" in Florida so that the developer known for its immersive open-world games can provide as much detail as possible.

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