'zuma's Spy' Thulani Dlomo Fired, But Still Awol

  |   Sanews

Former top State Security Agency (SSA) spy and alleged Jacob Zuma ally, Thulani Dlomo, has been sacked - but it seems he is the last to know.

Dlomo is nowhere to be found, and this is the reason for his dismissal, News24 understands.

For the last two weeks, the SSA has travelled the length and breadth of KwaZulu-Natal, where it is believed Dlomo is now based, trying to locate him so that his dismissal letter can be delivered. But no one has been able to find him to break the news that he is no longer an employee of the SSA.

The agency has been trying to keep this under wraps, fearful that Dlomo may try to flee if he knows it is after him.

Dlomo was recalled as ambassador to Japan in January this year. Prior to that posting, he headed the infamous special operations unit at the SSA.

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