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+263...2 Doctor I have little blood and am always sick people says I have an ill ness⚕️

I am not sure about what you mean when you say that you have little blood. I wonder if you have been tested for Haemoglobin (Hb) in your blood? Low haemoglobin, which is what most people mean when they say “little blood” or “thin blood”, means that there is not enough of a certain protein called Hb in your blood cells. This condition is called anaemia. Hb is what carries oxygen to the tissues from the lungs. Anaemia can cause you to become tired easily, and have a high heart rate and maybe even palpitations. In more severe cases low Hb can cause swelling in the legs, make you prone to infections, and cause deranged body functions. In children anaemia can cause stunted growth, decreased mental activities, delayed puberty and several other disorders.

You should consult your doctor for a complete evaluation. Anaemia has many causes and identification of the cause will help you get treated correctly. Most causes of anaemia are due to inadequate iron in the diet, or worms in the intestine and these can be treated quite easily. There are however other causes of anaemia as well as severe cases which will need intensive treatment.

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