"Govt Denies It, But There's No Commitment👀 In Implementing Genuine Reforms"

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The Inter-Ministerial Task Force on Legislative Alignment (IMT) mandated with the alignment of the country's various legislations to the Constitution has questioned the country's commitment to implementing genuine reforms.

In its report, the IMT said that the legislative alignment process which has been ongoing since 2013 has been not been holistic neither has it been speedy. Read the report:

This has brought into question government’s to usher-in genuine reform to the governance and human rights legal framework in the country.

Although the government denies it, there have been significant delays in aligning legislation to the Constitution.

The report comes when the international community has been urging the Zimbabwe government to expedite the implementation of reforms as a prerequisite for reengagement.

In his letter to the Australian authorities, Foreign Affairs Minister, Sibusiso Moyo revealed that the country was still far from fully implementing the intended and recommended reforms.

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