'I Also Feel Angry at Times' - MS Dhoni😎

One of MS Dhoni's defining attributes is his ability to stay ice cool when the spotlight is on him.

We saw it early in his captaincy when navigated past the noise that came with the retirement of seniors such as Rahul Dravid, VVS Laxman and Sourav Ganguly. Then came Chennai Super Kings' suspension due to misdemeanours outside the cricket field, and Dhoni - once again under the pressure of the public to react - offered pretty much nothing to the world while dealing with it. Now, with his final years approaching, the 38-year-old Dhoni has revealed the secret behind his mental strength, and it involves channelling one's emotions correctly.

"I am like everyone else but I control my emotions better than some of the other individuals," Dhoni, making an appearance at a commercial event, was quoted as saying by PTI. "I would say, I feel equally frustrated. I also feel angry at times, disappointed. But what is important is that none of these feelings are constructive.

"What needs to be done right now is more important than any of these emotions. What is the next thing I can plan? Who is the next individual whom I can use? Once I get into it, I am controlling my emotions in a much better way."

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