Why Funding For The Vrede Dairy Farm Project Couldn't Just Be Halted

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Former Free State finance MEC Elzabe Rockman has told the Zondo commission of inquiry into state capture that it was not easy to stop funding the collapsed Vrede dairy farm project because the cattle needed to be taken care of.

Rockman was responding to criticism from Roy Jankielsohn, a member of the Free State legislature, who said the provincial government continued to fund the project to the tune of R20m per year.

This after Estina, an IT company, withdrew from the project in August 2014 when the project was taken over by the Free State Development Corporation, he told the commission in July.

During his testimony, Jankielsohn said: "Senior people in the government knew what was happening in Vrede, they cannot deny that they knew what was taking place there.

"In spite of that, they continue to appropriate provincial government funding for that project and still do so today."

He said the cancellation clause in the contract between the Free State government and Estina stated that the project would only be cancelled if the government ran out of funds.

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