Kajwang' Defends👉 PAC Against Extortion Reports

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Homa Bay Senator Moses Kajwang' has defended his colleagues and the powerful Public Accounts Committee against claims of corruption in vetting governors.

Kajwang' said claims that members of the committee demand bribes from governors was baseless and a case of corruption fighting back.

Speaking in Suba South constituency during a funds drive on Saturday, Kajwang' said the Senate will ensure devolution works for ordinary Kenyans.

"I stand firm with the integrity of the committee which I chair, it will not be the first time we deal with claims of extortion by Members of Parliament but the timing is suspect," Kajwang' said.

He said the claims about PAC, comes as the Senate is about to table about 50 reports for discussions with far-reaching implications including deeming a sitting governor unfit to hold office because of corruption.

"We are about to launch far-reaching implications on fighting corruption, that is why we have the backlash. If governors feel they have been implicated or extorted they should follow the right channel," Kajwang' said.

The standoff between senators and governors over summonses to account for billions of taxpayers money has been met with accusations from both sides.

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