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+234...8 Doctor can one whose sugar level is high(diabetic),after treatment return to be having a normal sugar level,nd is allowed to eat carbohydrate giving food again?⚕️

Diabetes mellitus cannot be cured. The blood glucose levels can be controlled and complications of diabetes mellitus can be prevented or delayed. Control of blood glucose levels requires diet control, physical activity and medication. Medication is to be taken life long and will need to be prescribed by your doctor after examination and tests. Regular testing will be required to adjust the dosage if required. It is incorrect to believe that all carbohydrate rich foods need to omitted from the diet of a diabetic. Some amount of carbohydrate is essential for the body to function. Diet control is what is required for a diabetic and diet will have to be controlled life long. Your doctor should be able to advise you as to the appropriate diet considering the usual diet in your region.

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