Ask Doctor: Nonclinical Abortion & Miscarriage⚕️

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+277...6 Doctor does herbal or nonclinical abortion lead to miscarriages in later pregnancies⚕️

The use of herbal methods and non clinical methods of abortion can have several ill effects. The kind of herb used and dosage will determine the efficacy of the abortion as well as any other effects. It is impossible to predict the outcomes of these methods. Non clinical abortions are invasive procedures that are performed by untrained individuals. These methods essentially involve scraping off the endometrial layer of the uterus and along with it the fertilised egg. Incompetently performed invasive abortions can have very serious complications including perforation of the uterus, uncontrolled bleeding, infection, and septicaemia. Uterine adhesions can also occur which can lead to infertility. Abortions should only be performed by trained professionals.

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