Cops Refuse🚫 Aarey Entry To Animal, Bird Rescuers

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A rescue party for arboreal creatures lying injured and homeless at the metro shed site in Aarey was turned away by the police on Tuesday.

The group of animal welfare workers and wildlife activists had arranged two ambulances for birds and animals that had become collateral damage in the tree-felling blitz of Friday night.

"We could not save a single life, though there are bound to be several species out there struggling to survive now," Anand Siva, an activist, said.

The blinding speed with which MMRC cut down 2,100-plus trees over the weekend, starting Friday night, suggested that it apprehended the intervention of a higher authority. The SC order on Monday against any fresh felling of trees till the next hearing on October 21 would appear to lend credence to that widely-held impression.

MMRC did not act in violation of the law, armed as it was with Bombay HC's go-ahead. But there was something almost unseemly about the haste with which it wielded the axe, especially in light of the top court's subsequent order - which appears to have been rendered all but moot by the fact that 98% of the targeted trees have already been hacked down.

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