Da Wants Answers From Ipid On Premature Closure Of Cases

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The DA wants the acting head of the Independent Police Investigating Directorate (IPID), Victor Senna, and the former head Robert McBride to be summoned to Parliament to explain allegations that the police watchdog prematurely completed or closed cases to manipulate performance statistics.

"SAPS members are literally getting away with murder, assault and torture," an IPID official reported on the police watchdog's policy of closing cases in an internal document.

An expose by Viewfinder, a new accountability journalism project in South Africa, details how IPID, since at least 2012, manipulated statistics and in the process failed the victims while violent errant police officers were not held to account.

Viewfinder's investigation found that on the days before the financial year-end, many more cases would be closed than on other days. Internal documents, seen by News24, reveal that IPID investigators complained that they were forced to complete cases without completing the investigation.

A report from Amar Maharaj, IPID's former ethics and risk manager under McBride, dated October 17, 2014, after a visit to the KwaZulu-Natal office, include the following statements: "Investigators reported that they are placed in an ethical dilemma when they have to 'complete' cases [without proper investigation] to achieve targets. The file is then set aside while they move on to 'complete' new cases. Investigators complained that as the month goes on, the resolve to 'complete' more cases becomes greater.

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