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  |   Golden Temple Hukamnama

Ang: 636

One who implants the Naam within himself, through the Guru's halter - O Siblings of Destiny, the Lord dwells in his mind, and he is free of hypocrisy. ||7|| This body is the jeweler's shop, O Siblings of Destiny; the incomparable Naam is the merchandise. The merchant secures this merchandise, O Siblings of Destiny, by contemplating the Word of the Guru's Shabad. Blessed is the merchant, O Nanak, who meets the Guru, and engages in this trade. ||8||2|| Sorat'h, First Mehl: Those who serve the True Guru, O Beloved, their companions are saved as well. No one blocks their way, O Beloved, and the Lord's Ambrosial Nectar is on their tongue. Without the Fear of God, they are so heavy that they sink and drown, O Beloved; but the Lord, casting His Glance of Grace, carries them across. ||1|| I ever praise You, O Beloved, I ever sing Your Praises. Without the boat, one is drowned in the sea of fear, O Beloved; how can I reach the distant shore? ||1||Pause|| I praise the Praiseworthy Lord, O Beloved; there is no other one to praise. Those who praise my God are good, O Beloved; they are imbued with the Word of the Shabad, and His Love. If I join them, O Beloved, I can churn the essence and so find joy. ||2|| The gateway to honor is Truth, O Beloved; it bears the Insignia of the True Name of the Lord. We come into the world, and we depart, with our destiny written and pre-ordained, O Beloved; realize the Command of the Commander. Without the Guru, this Command is not understood, O Beloved; True is the Power of the True Lord. ||3|| By His Command, we are conceived, O Beloved, and by His Command, we grow in the womb. By His Command, we are born, O Beloved, head-first, and upside-down. The Gurmukh is honored in the Court of the Lord, O Beloved; he departs after resolving his affairs. ||4|| By His Command, one comes into the world, O Beloved, and by His Will, he goes. By His Will, some are bound and gagged and driven away, O Beloved; the self-willed manmukhs suffer their punishment. By His Command, the Word of the Shabad, is realized, O Beloved, and one goes to the Court of the Lord robed in honor. ||5|| By His Command, some accounts are accounted for, O Beloved; by His Command, some suffer in egotism and duality. By His Command, one wanders in reincarnation, O Beloved; deceived by sins and demerits, he cries out in his suffering. If he comes to realize the Command of the Lord's Will, O Beloved, then he is blessed with Truth and Honor. ||6|| It is so difficult to speak it, O Beloved; how can we speak, and hear, the True Name? I am a sacrifice to those who praise the Lord, O Beloved. I have obtained the Name, and I am satisfied, O Beloved; by His Grace, I am united in His Union. ||7|| If my body were to become the paper, O Beloved, and my mind the inkpot; and if my tongue became the pen, O Beloved, I would write, and contemplate, the Glorious Praises of the True Lord. Blessed is that scribe, O Nanak, who writes the True Name, and enshrines it within his heart. ||8||3|| Sorat'h, First Mehl, Du-Tukas: You are the Giver of virtue, O Immaculate Lord, but my mind is not immaculate, O Siblings of Destiny. I am a worthless sinner, O Siblings of Destiny; virtue is obtained from You alone, Lord. ||1|| O my Beloved Creator Lord, You create, and You behold. I am a hypocritical sinner, O Siblings of Destiny. Bless my mind and body with Your Name, O Lord. ||Pause||