Jon Bernthal Comments🔊 on Returning for a Punisher Game

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Jon Bernthal recently appeared in Ghost Recon Breakpoint to portray Lt. Colonel Cole D. Walker, the game's primary antagonist, but many will remember him more for his role as Frank Castle in Marvel's The Punisher on Netflix. Currently, there's no Punisher game in development, but many think The Punisher is one Marvel character who needs his own game. And Bernthal recently commented whether or not he would return to portray the character.

In a recent interview, Bernthal was asked if he would portray The Punisher if a game was to be made and the opportunity presented itself. The logical answer is seemingly a simple "yes," as many think he portrayed the Marvel character perfectly, but Bernthal's approach to it was a bit more nuanced. In response, he answered,

“You know … I don’t know. Frank Castle, he’s enormously important to me. Getting him right is enormously important to me. So, for that, I’m not really interested in whether we would do something. I’m interested in how it would be done, and I just want to sort of protect him and protect my vision for him.”

In other words, it seems to matter more to Bernthal whether it was done right than whether it was actually done. It's clear that Frank Castle was a special role to Bernthal, who has previously voiced the enormous connection he feels with military veterans who connect to The Punisher. He sums it up by stating, "for me and Frank Castle, it’s never about whether we do, it’s about whether we’d do it right."

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