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Ask Didi: Dead Atheists💀?

(+276...8) asks what do atheists believe is gonna happen when u die💀?

Atheists generally believe in non-existence after death - that just as consciousness didn't exist before birth, consciousness ceases after death. If birth was the beginning, death is the end, and there is nothing afterwards.

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Ask Didi: Plumbing the Deep 🤔?

(+276...3) asks how deep is a vagina🤔?

The average vagina is approximately 9 to 10 cm deep, but it can stretch to almost twice its normal size - up to around 20 cm when the woman is aroused! Just like with penis size, there are individual differences though. Some women …

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Ask Didi: Sleep Walking 😴!

(+277...9) asks I fell asleep on my bed but I woke up the next morning in another room😴!

It sounds like you've been sleepwalking! Sleepwalking is often associated with sleep deprivation (not getting enough sleep), alcohol, or medications. Maintain a healthy sleep schedule, get exercise, review your medications, avoid …

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