Geekstore Reveals PlayStation 25th Anniversary💫 Collection Merchandise

It has been nearly 25 years since the first PlayStation was released and the console has come a long way since then. Anyone itching to mark the occasion should head on over to the Geekstore, where there is a wide selection of PlayStation-themed merchandise celebrating the brand.

This December, PlayStation …

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Jeopardy Gets Fooled👀 by Video Game Hoax

After decades on the air, the TV trivia game show Jeopardy rarely makes mistakes. Recently, however, Jeopardy had a significant fluke.

The incident in question involved a clue given to contestants about the game Tetris. The research team seemingly was fooled into believing a Tetris hoax that started earlier this …

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Jon Bernthal Comments🔊 on Returning for a Punisher Game

Jon Bernthal recently appeared in Ghost Recon Breakpoint to portray Lt. Colonel Cole D. Walker, the game's primary antagonist, but many will remember him more for his role as Frank Castle in Marvel's The Punisher on Netflix. Currently, there's no Punisher game in development, but many think The Punisher is …

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UK National Health Service Opens Game🏥 Addiction Clinic

The UK's National Health Service, or NHS, has announced plans to open its first centre for gaming addiction. The announcement comes several months after the World Health Organization, WHO, voted to classify gaming addiction by 2022.

Called the Centre for Internet and Gaming Disorder, it will treat young people between …

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