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📈Zimbabwe Quadruples Electricity⚡️ Prices Amid Blackouts

Zimbabwe has raised its average electricity tariff by 320 percent to ramp up power supplies at a time of daily blackouts but the move will likely anger consumers already grappling with soaring inflation and stagnant wages.

The southern African country is experiencing its worst economic crisis in 10 years, seen …

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"Power💪 Is Never Permanent" - ZANU PF Official👀 Warns Colleagues

ZANU PF Youth leader, Godfrey Tsenengamu has urged his colleagues to remain focused saying power is not permanent.

Posting on Facebook as the ruling party is embarking on a national restructuring exercise, the outspoken leader said:

Let’s always set a very good precedent when we are in power or …

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🍞Bread Prices Maybe Hiked📈 To $15 Per Loaf

ZTN news has reported that bread may just come back to our shelves at a hefty price of $15 per loaf.

This came to light in an article in thich the publication wrote;

BREAD has disappeared from the shelves in Zimbabwe's shops and supermarkets as bakers move to hike the …

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ED Has 👎Failed - MDC Fresh Demo Threats

The MDC led by Advocate Nelson Chamisa has said in a statement that they will take robust action to try and compel the government to act in the near future because ED has failed.

The matter came to light after the MDC Vice Spokesperson Luke Tamboranyika who was coming out …

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