✈Air Zimbabwe 'New Plane' Not 👎Yet Ready To Fly

  |   Zimbabwe News

Air Zimbabwe acting chief executive, Joseph Makonise, on Wednesday said that the airline took delivery of an Embraer on 30 April but the plane is still grounded because "certain things" have not yet been done to the aircraft.

Makonise was speaking during an aviation stakeholders meeting that was hosted by the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe in Harare on Wednesday. He said:

We have got one aircraft, you can start the engine, everything is working perfectly, but because this is a heavily-regulated industry we have to comply.

We were supposed to do certain things to the aircraft and we have not done it and we parked it. We cannot fly it, we have to comply.

Air Zimbabwe is currently flying a single plane and the airliner is saddled with a US$392 million debt.

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