Call of Duty: Modern Warfare💫 Adds Trials

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Since Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's release, the highly anticipated first-person shooters has gone through several updates aimed at fixing and atoning for various issues that have come up, including an update that removed a game mode called Trials just hours after the mode's addition. Now, the mode has been added back in.

Although Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has launched to resounding success, the title has not been without its issues. The game's single-player campaign seems to be largely bug-free, though multiplayer has had to go through multiple updates to fix a variety of issues. For example, some high-level players were recently unable to access multiplayer at all due to a glitch that prevented them from doing so.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's Trials mode had originally released on October 29 but had been removed a few hours after the mode went live, as it was failing to grant players the XP it had intended to for completing various training missions. However, as of November 12, the mode is now up and running as per a Reddit update from Infinity Ward.

Infinity Ward's update also explains how Trials mode works. For a Trial, an Officer-ranked player needs to have a ticket, which gives players three attempts at a Trial. Players will be rated by their performance out of three stars. Zero stars grant 0 XP, while one star gives players 5000 XP, two stars rewards them with 7500 XP, and three stars provides 10000 XP.

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