Islamic Jihad and 🇮🇱Israel Agree on🇵🇸 Gaza Ceasefire

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An Egypt-brokered ceasefire between Islamic Jihad and Israel has taken effect in Gaza Strip after two days of cross-border fighting and Israeli air attacks killed at least 34 Palestinians.

The truce was in force from 5:30 am local time (03:30 GMT), the group's spokesman, Musab al-Braim, told Reuters news agency, marking about 48 hours since Israel sparked the exchange of fire by killing the faction's top Gaza commander in an air raid, deeming him an imminent threat.

Gaza health ministry said on Thursday that eight members of the Abu Malhous family were among the 34 Gazans killed in the Israeli assault. At least 63 Israelis received treatment for injuries from rocket attacks launched from Gaza.

Al Jazeera's Harry Fawcett, reporting from near the Gaza fence, said the ceasefire appears to be holding so far.

"There is an uneasy calm at the moment ... The terms of the ceasefire are a little bit different, depending on who you listen to," he said.

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