Jennifer Lopez Admits She Wants To Play Batman 🦸🏻‍♂

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Jennifer Lopez, 50, is a multi-talented performer, there's no question there. She's an actress, a dancer and a singer, but could J. Lo be adding superhero to her list of achievements?

The Hustlers star sat down with Robert Pattinson, 33, to discuss their movies, processes and future endeavors, where J. Lo let slip that she would love to play Batman, as well. "You're going to be Batman," J. Lo ecstatically said to Rob in their Variety 'Actors On Actors' interview. "I think you'll be a great awesome Batman," she continued to gush about her colleague.

And that’s when Rob posed his own prediction! “You too,” Rob said amid her praises. “You would be, as well.” J. Lo, a bit shocked at his admission, totally went with the idea. “I could be Batman too,” she proclaimed. “I could be Batman,” J. Lo reiterated with a ton of vigor, even putting her hands on her hips in a stoic, heroic pose. “Why not?”

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